Coatta Photo Album

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March 2000

Around the house

May 2000

Misc. adventures

June 2000

Just one shot of Tristan

August 4, 2000

Spenser waking up & a trip to the dyke

August 6, 2000

A trip on the Royal Hudson

August 7, 2000

Visiting Grandma & Papa (their house and ours)

August 10, 2000

A few shots from Open Text (Richmond)

August 19, 2000

A trip to the PNE

August 12, 2000

A trip to Uncle John's cabin at Birch Bay

August 22-28,2000

Vacation to Calgary on Rocky Mountaineer Railtours

August 27, 2000

A photo tour of the Laidlaws house at Bear Paw

August 2000

Spenser at Little Wings

September 3, 2000

Bryan and Mel's Wedding (Duncan, BC)

September 4, 2000

A little trip around Vancouver Island

September 5, 2000

Just hanging out around the house